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September update

One month into the school year, our GRT rookies are learning how to use the tools in the machine shop. Rookies go through four rotations: mill, lathe, hand tools, and CAD. Each rotation is 1-2 weeks long, and is led by an experienced vet (or our mentors) to teach them safety and basics of operation. For mill and lathe, students learn how to machine parts -- drilling and tapping holes, creating slots, and more. During the hand tools rotation, students learn how to use a hand drill, chop saw, sanders, bandsaws, rivets, and more. CAD (computer-aided design), an important skill for the upcoming build season, is taught by our teacher mentor Ms. Granlund. Students learn 3D modeling and assembling.

Fundraising efforts through Stanford concessions are also now in full swing! Everyone completes three concessions, frying chicken tenders and serving food at Stanford football games. This is a huge fundraiser for the team, and we are so glad our rookies get to experience this bonding GRT experience.

Our first team-wide bonding event also occurred this month. Due to COVID and wildfire-related reasons, GRT hasn’t been able to hold its traditional camping trip for the past three years. This year, however, GRT mentors and leadership organized a camping trip at Dairy Glen in Fremont, CA. Woohoo!

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