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Interview with Kristina Granlund-Moyer


Kristina Granlund-Moyer outside the GRT classroom, 2021.

What area of expertise do you bring to GRT?

I have experience teaching and using CAD and other engineering skills, in product development and hardware/software troubleshooting, and in project team development and management.

Where did you get your training/education?

My BA chemistry degree is from Cornell University. I spent a few decades developing laboratory instrumentation at HP/Agilent and a handful of start-ups, starting as a chemist and then segueing into software engineer, product manager and project manager. I took up my second career as a STEM teacher in 2010.

What lead you to mentoring GRT & how long have you mentored GRT?

Teaching the class required of all GRT members (Engineering Technology) is what brought me to Gunn HS in 2012. My decision to apply for the position was set by an invitation to a summer shop training session, where I was really impressed with GRT's shop equipment, the excellent mentors, and the enthusiasm and skill of the students.

What is your favorite GRT experience?

Teaching the GRT classes and living with the team during build and competition season each year allows me to really get to know the students. That, plus watching students grow from year to year, provides a much deeper teacher-student relationship than the typical classroom experience.