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Interview with Seth Mallory


Seth Mallory presents on rivet spacing, 2018.

What area of expertise do you bring to GRT?

I have a lot of experience with practical mechanism design, fabrication and test, having spent years getting things to work in real life. I bring my experience in mechanical and pneumatic systems, project management, leadership, general hardware repair, shop safety and playing well with others, and enjoy winding down from my workday by mentoring GRT students 10-20 hours a week all year long.

Where did you get your training/education?

I completed general engineering and paramedic coursework at college and in the army. I managed the MidTown bicycle shop for many years, and spent the last 25+ years as a lead mechanic at the Valley Transit Authority, redressing design problems in VTA buses and teaching other mechanics. I was a boy scout leader for 15 years, including work with disabled scouts.

What lead you to mentoring GRT & how long have you mentored GRT?

I started mentoring GRT in 2002-2003 when my son was a team member, and have stayed to help ever since. I enjoy working with the team during both the fall (shop training and small projects) and FIRST build season.

What is your favorite GRT experience?

I love to watch the students work through their ideas to reach a solution, when the lightbulb goes off.