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GRT 2022-2023

In the Charged Up game, robots were challenged to score cones and cubes in a grid of pegs and shelves. During the endgame, robots balanced the charge station, an 8ft-long pivoting platform.

Read more about the FRC game in the game manual and watch the game animation video on YouTube.

2023 robot



Dimensions:26.5” W x 33.25” L x 38.5” H

Weight:100 lbs


  • Student-designed and manufactured
  • Swerve drivetrain reaching 16.7 ft/s max speed
  • 2-stage, fixed-angle, cascade-strung elevator capable of reaching all 3 grid levels
  • Roller intake with gripping feature, capable of intaking and holding cubes and cones
  • Auto-balance and auto-deposit sequences
Technical Binder

Technical Binder

Our 2023 Technical Binder highlights our Charged Up season robot, Vermillion. We provide comprehensive documentation of our design process including: strategy, timelines, custom swerve, prototyping, mechanism iterations, and software.
Impact Booklet

Impact Booklet

Our 2023 Impact Booklet celebrates our team growth and outreach during the 2022-2023 school year and includes our Impact Award submission for the Charged Up season. We feature preseason events, our new FLL Explore Team, our moonshot projects, and a variety of annual GRT outreach traditions.


This year, over 90% of our team members attended both the Utah Regional in Salt Lake City and the Monterey Bay Regional in Seaside. During competition, all students had the opportunity to contribute to the robot’s success working in the drive team, pit crew, strategy team, Impact Award presentation team, and/or scouting team.

Utah Regional

Rank: 8

Semifinalists with 3rd-seed alliance:5851, 192, 9037

Autonomous award

Utah triple balance

Monterey Bay Regional

Rank: 22

Quarterfinalists with 5th-seed alliance:2486, 192, 6884

Quality award