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Pneumatics is the branch of engineering that involves the transmission of power using pressurized air (instead of, for instance, electricity). Typically, pressurized air (<100 psi) is stored in a tank using a compressor, and then it's released from the tank using pressure regulators, valves, and tubing. GRT's robots often have pneumatic systems powering mechanical parts, especially mechanisms that require motion.


Pneumatic solenoids used by GRT.

To start pneumatics training, members learn how to be safe using compressed air, and then go on to pneumatic components (e.g. tubing, actuators, solenoids, tanks, and safety equipment) so everyone understands the basic concepts behind each piece of equipment. Practice exercises are assigned, such as turning two single acting solenoids into one double acting solenoid. Planning, assembling, and troubleshooting all of the pneumatics components required for the "haunted house" project is the main training activity before build season.